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Ohel Moed is all about teaching and training the sons of God to come into their full inheritance in the Kingdom. Our focus is on relationship with the Most High. Everything we do flows out if intimacy with our Father in Heaven. We are passionate about the people of God and love it when we they come into all Yahweh has for them.


Our vision is to educate, equip and train the Ecclesia to take their rightful place in the Kingdom of God. This training provides keys, strategies and equips the saints to carry out what they were created for and to fulfill what was written in their book (Psalm 139:16 ).  


We speak at conferences around the globe, bringing the meat of the word to Gods people. We also offer personal mentoring and help people deal with their generational issues through DNA realignment. We also run incredible mystical tours of Israel, Ireland & Scotland.


At home in New Zealand we have a group that meets monthly in Auckland. In Palmerston North we also run a fortnightly home group. At both meetings we discuss and review the meat of the word and build relationship with one another.


Ohel Moed

Has been operating since November 2008 and was co-founded by Grant and Samantha Mahoney.​


We are Spirit-filled followers of Yahweh and His son Yeshua, who are passionate about:

  • Pursuing intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

  • Discovering the secrets and mysteries in the Word of God

  • Unity in the Body of Christ

  • Training & equipping the saints to bring them to maturity, then releasing them to fly

  • The nations of the earth


"Moed" is a Hebrew word which means "Appointed Time" or "Set Time".  It encompasses many things: It refers to: the festivals of the Lord that were to be observed and celebrated at the “Moed time” (or set time); it refers to times and seasons;  it refers to a congregation that sits in Mt Zion - ruling on the earth, out of this governmental position.​


That had been the name of the ministry and what we functioned in for 7 years.  The number 8 is about ‘new beginnings’.   In November of 2015, which marked the 8th Birthday of Moed, we took a tour group to Israel.  The tour guide, referred to us as ‘Ohel Moed’ every time he would introduce us to any of his friends and contacts. This puzzled us as our ministry name was “Moed Ministries”. 

Returning to New Zealand, Grant investigated what this new name meant. In summary, it means ‘The Tabernacle of His Presence’  or  ‘Carriers of His Presence’.  We realized that he had been prophetically decreeing over us, our promotion.


Ohel Moed is not a Church and it therefore looks and functions differently to what is considered ‘traditional’ in Church circles. We have been teaching, training and equipping a body of believers for a number of years in the following areas:


  • Operating in the Heavenly Courts

  • Realigning our DNA back to its original pattern

  • Taking back our spiritual territory, cancelling oaths and breaking the curses of Freemasonry

  • Intercession for New Zealand and the Nations of the earth

  • Community Outreaches, expressing the love of God in practical ways

  • 1:1 mentoring with various individuals and ministry leaders

  • War Rooms to receive strategies for the land

  • Redeeming the land by execution of the War Room Strategies



The people we have been working with in New Zealand are passionate followers of Yahweh and fully equipped in each of these areas. They have stepped into position and with effect from February 2016, have been running the various functions that we used to oversee.  This was to release us into other areas we are called to, but it is also the time of releasing them into the mature sons that they are.





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