26 June 2022

Round Table with Special Guest Carl Nicholson - Ian, Grant, and Marios are happy to announce that our next Origin Gate round table will feature First Sergeant, US Army--Carl Nicholson. Carl's distinguished carrier spans decades of dedicated service, remarkable character, and innumerable missions most people, including Carl's closest friends/family, will never know about. The last time Carl was with us, we had a most remarkable time together, and many stated that was their favourite round table, yet! It is a distinct honour to host Carl again, and we look forward to having our international audience join us!

Flight School Registrations

Flight school is based around the concept of small group mentoring - with approximately 40 people per group.  This is where you have access to 15 incredible individuals who will mentor you on a range of amazing subjects. 


You have 4 weeks of  live access to each of the 15 mentors.  Every session is conducted on the Zoom platform.  Mentees will be added to classes based on location.  All sessions will be recorded for review.  You will be able to download both an Audio and Video recording of the sessions.

Flight School is 60 weeks long. 

"Some wandered in trackless wastes, finding no path to a city where they could stay. Hungry and thirsty, their soul fainted within them. Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and the Lord delivered them from their distress, and led them by a straight way. Psalm 107:4–7


Therefore let us live by this principle, that we live as travelers on the road, as pilgrims, as guests of the world . . . singing with grace and power, “When shall I come and appear before the face of my God?"






You've basically got 7 weeks from the 10th of June 2022 - and it's counting down fast  - to get your video audition in, if you want to compete for the Raising Royalty Talent Awards $US20,000 cash prize! 


If you want to watch, vote or compete in this people’s choice comp, click this link:


When the Talent Awards go live you'll only be able to vote for your favourite talent on our platform.


Get free access to all the action or find out how to audition by clicking the link:


Let your talented people know - the countdown is on!
Over 30,000 people participated last year to make it an extraordinary event - this year we are set to go to a whole new level!


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Our mandate is to educate, equip and train the Ecclesia to take their rightful place in the Kingdom of God. This training provides keys, strategies and equips the saints to carry out what they were created for and to fulfill what was written in their book (Psalm 139:16 ).  


Some people need solutions to specific problems, others desire to be mentored, trained and equipped in the things of the Kingdom, so that they can become mature sons. There is much fruit from this 1:1 mentoring and we return all the glory to Yahweh.


Once a year, we arrange a tour to one of three destinations of deep spiritual significance.  The objective is not to have a relaxing holiday, but to corporately execute strategic assignments in the Nation we are touring.  


In summary, DNA realignment is all about the realignment of your spiritual DNA through repentance back to the original pattern.  It is about working through your generational "stuff" that has affected your spiritual DNA.