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We receive many emails each week from people who are going through issues in their lives, with their families and in their Ministries. They are looking for the keys that will unlock the answer to their situations. 


Much of what we do is to answer spiritual accusations in the Courts of Heaven  and we deal with the ‘black spots’ in our DNA, which hold the record of trade agreements made by us and our ancestors - giving legal right for junk to play out in our lives.


While some people need solutions to specific problems, others desire to be mentored, trained and equipped in the things of the Kingdom, so that they can become mature sons.


There is much fruit from this 1:1 mentoring and we return all the glory to Yahweh.  Unfortunately, we personally, are unable to offer this kind of support to everyone who writes to us, as we have limited time and availability. 


Therefore, we have a substantial team of people who know the protocols of operating in the Courts of Heaven and are experienced in DNA Reconciliation;  they also come with their own set of giftings, knowledge and life-experience in other areas.  They have graciously offered their time to impart keys and strategies to you, so YOU can take your territory back.  They will mentor and train people who may need more than one meeting to assist them. 


We have a personal relationship with all of these Mentors and know where they stand in their relationship with God, their morals and spiritual values.  We trust them all implicitly and have no hesitation in recommending any of them to you.



1. Decide between 2 options available to you:

  • a one-off session where the mentor of your choice will Skype with you (or meet in person if geographically suitable) giving you direction and providing some keys for you to go away and implement; 

  • The mentor of your choice will journey with you over a short period (via Skype - or in person if geographically suitable) to work through different issues and processes - over 4 sessions at weekly or monthly intervals

2. Select your mentor:  
Each Mentor has provided a short bio below, which will give you information on which field they are the most confident working in. Read through the bio and determine who can assist you to meet your objectives.

3. Read the Terms & Conditions
Read through the ‘Protocol for Appointments’ and make sure you are happy to adhere to them, before making contact.

4. Submit your request:
Complete the 'Mentor Request Form' at the bottom of this page.

5. Payment
On receipt of the Mentor Request Form, we will send you a “Request for Payment” through PayPal (see “Financial Considerations” below).

6. Set up your appointment(s)
You will receive communication from the person you have selected within 48 hours of submitting your form to set up your appointment.


When we go through hard times in our lives, it is often difficult for us to ‘see the wood for the trees’, meaning that we are so closely connected to the problems that we fail to see a way out for ourselves.  When someone who isn’t closely related to the issues is invited into a situation, they are able to see with new eyes and offer counsel that unlocks and releases us from our places of captivity. 


Mentoring is a helpful way to develop you as a person, work through pivotal changes, and live a more focused and successful life.


One of the things we love about Mentoring is that it isn’t about fixing people. Instead, a Mentor functions as a partner, helping you to deal to patterns and destructive cycles so you can live out your own values and dreams for your life. You’ll be the one setting the agenda. We’ll focus our conversations and help you go deeper and reach higher in your life. We’ll explore the strategies and support structures you need to succeed in reaching your dreams and goals, and together we’ll create a customized, systematic plan and walk it out to make your goal a reality.

All Mentoring Sessions are conducted:

  • via Skype

  • in person (depending on your geographic positioning to the Mentor)

  • by telephone (again, depending on your geographic positioning to the Mentor)



Whether opting for a single one-off session or 4 sessions, each will be between 1 – 1.5 hours long.


Financial Considerations

  • A Single session costs $120

  • Four sessions cost $400  

  • Payment will be made in the currency of the Mentor you have selected (i.e. if your Mentor lives in the USA or Europe, you will pay in US$.  If your Mentor lives in New Zealand, you will pay in NZ$).

  • On receipt of your Mentoring Request Form, you will be sent an Invoice through Stripe via email (only if requested will we send a payment request through PayPal.  The costs are payable at registration. Unfortunately there are no payment plan options.


Cancellation Policy

  • Mentoring Fees are not refundable.

  • If you do not attend your session and you do not give notice of your attention to do so, you will forfeit that session and your fees will not be reimbursed.

  • You will be able to reschedule your Skype session if you give 24 hours-notice.



  • You understand that the mentoring sessions will not instantly fix your problems.  Keys and strategies will be imparted to you and your Mentor will practically help you to apply those principals.  You will then have a responsibility to walk them out in all areas.

  • You will be given various ‘assignments’ in order to work through what was discussed at your session.  This will require between 1-3 hours per week of your time to work through, between appointments.

  • You can schedule your Skype appointments on weekly intervals or bi-weekly (every two weeks).

  • Payment for the entire block of 4 sessions is to be made in full before the Mentoring begins.

  • If you are serious about engaging in personal Mentoring sessions, this is how you can get started:


1. Fill out the ‘Mentoring Request Form’ at the bottom of this page 

  • Complete all fields of the questionnaire (this will help us to know you better).

  • All the information you submit is confidential.


2. Wait for the “Request For Payment” that will be emailed to you via PayPal

     On receipt of that request, make payment.    


3. The Mentor you have selected will make contact with you within 48 hours to set up your appointments


It will be our pleasure to come along side of you in your journey! You have a glorious future and we want to see you enjoy it to the fullest measure!


Mentoring Request Form

  • To book either a one-off session, or 4 sessions with one of our Mentors, please fill out the form below the Bios, then click 'submit' and they will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

  • The fields marked * are compulsory. Please fill in all required fields.

Multicolor Laser Light Art
Sam Triune.webp


I fully believe that Wellness encompasses more than having a healthy body.  A healthy soul and spirit are just as important, as all three entities are tightly intertwined.  If you are unwell in one area, it will manifest in sickness in other areas.  My belief is that your body knows how to heal itself and can do so, given the right tools.  


Let me help you explore areas where you’ve become stuck - and together, create tangible progress towards your goals.  We can work towards finding balance in the following areas:

Body: dealing with nutrition, exercise, harmful behaviours, natural alternatives (Things like;  herbs/supplements/clean products/frequency/stress relief)

Soul:  dealing with thought patterns, negative emotions and personal development

Spirit:  the sky’s the limit on this one

Abstract Pyramids
Paula Sweetman1.jpg


Paula has been married 35 yearsand has two adopted children.  She has spent the last few years being taught and trained by Grant and Samantha Mahoney in Navigating the Courts of Heaven and will be able to give keys and strategies to recognise legal spiritual paperwork against you and how to access the Courts to answer those accusations and get judgments rendered in your favour.


She has headed up a Team of Intercessors and Seers, doing DNA Reconciliation sessions for several Clients which has enabled them to align with the blueprint of their scrolls.


Paula has been a faithful Intercessor for Moed Ministries for the last 5 years.  She is a woman of integrity and mature in her faith.  She seeks counsel from the 7 Spirits of God and when she speaks, wisdom flows out of her.


She is a pioneer and a forerunner, blazing a trail and paving the way for end time ministries to be established in The Kingdom of God. She has a heartbeat for the Nations and people of the earth and her prayer is that the Kingdom of God be established and enthroned.

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