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The Everyday Awesome Adventures of the O'Reillys (Book Two)

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The Everyday Awesome Adventures of the O'Reillys - Onward Into The Mountain (Book Two)

Follow along as Regan, Liam, Mom and Dad live out their everyday lives. But don’t expect normal. Expect supernormal! Awesome adventures await around every corner when you set out to see the spirit realm of the Kingdom of God.

Book Two starts as the family pays a visit to Mom's parents in a faraway country where a fierce storm threatens destruction. They decide to speak directly to the storm. But will it listen?

Find this out and more when you join with the O'Reillys as they...

  • Talk top birds and bees
  • Battle a dragon and a grizzly bear
  • See a friend become a Kingdom brother
  • Follow a map into Heaven
  • Move into a house with dark secrets
  • Learn to govern from their spiritual mountain

How can any of this be? The O’Reillys are on a quest to learn the secrets of the Kingdom. What secrets await you? Open the book and begin to discover how to find your way to living in Yahweh’s Dimensions.

About the Author

Samantha Mahoney is from South Africa and lives in New Zealand with her husband, Grant. They have two sons who are now young adults. She has drawn inspiration from these three men, and some of the tales
told in The Everyday Awesome Adventures of the O’Reillys are based on real events from their family life.

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